India, oil on canvas

India, oil on canvas

India // Berlin 2015

Video installation on mobile phone

Video installation on mobile phone
8” 13¨


Selected piece for Fieber Festival. Independent Festival of Ibero-american artists based in Berlin.


Fieber Festival web here

In my travel through India, I was taking pictures to paint an oil painting. I already had the idea perfectly pictured in my mind.


Deserted beach, palm trees everywhere, no one in sight, sunny day… After 4 hours walking and almost a sunstroke, we got to the bus.

Then I realised that my phone, which I hold in my hand most of the time, had taken exactly 1.920 photos and hours in videos. They had an amazing color palette and beautiful abstraction.


For this reason I decided to do this installation (instead of the oil painting).


The idea and the hazard:

A reflection about the creative process, about what we can control and not.


How the idea starts, grows and develops.


(by the way, I do believe in synchronicity)