Rocio Mata (b. 1980) Barcelona-based multidisciplinary artist. My works moves between painting, photography and installation. 

Bachelor Fine Arts and Master of Fine Art in Computer Arts.

I was based in Madrid, Bristol, Brighton, Berlin and currently in Barcelona.

I like mixtures. There is always a sanding job, conceptually and physically. Always mix media, because if I work just digital mediums, it ́s turned my soul off. Travel has always had a profound impact on me. I feed from this “in between places” which contains something related to the Alchemy of Time, where I have the space to think, evaluate and create new concepts.

Due to an event in 2015, I begging to think deeply about the idea of how life//time wear human beings away. Processes you cannot control or understand, just contemplate. I guess this persistent feeling of ”injustice”, create the inner need to look beyond the stablished procedures.

So, decompose project is born: new technique, aimed to work straight to the surface of a printing. Usual tools are no longer available. I changed them for sandpaper, wire brush or needles tattoo. No more turpentine, just pure acetone.

The main topic of my work: human shape.

Exhibition //Residencies

2020. Selected member for #3FLUSSLAB online Residency: Interdisciplinary artistic residence as a platform for traditional practices and innovation processes. Argentina // Germany // Mexico // Spain.

2020. Movement. Installation. Selected work for National Art Festival INTRAMURS: for artistic experimentation in the Mediterranean. Art fair postponed until further notice. Valencia, Spain.

2019. Decompose portrait. ENIE Tattoo + Gallery. Barcelona, Spain.

2015. India on canvas. Video Installation. Art work selected by FIEBER Independent Festival of Ibero-American Artists Resident in Berlin. May 2020. Germany.

2013. Winter is over, no just kidding. Solo exhibition. Mixed media: painting, digital printing and drawing. @Basement. Berlin, Germany. 

2013. Solo exhibition. Mixed media works: painting, digital printing and drawing. @Official College Pharmacists of Granada, Spain.

2011. Mixed media works: digital printing and drawing. Collective exhibition. @St Dunstan’s Centre. Brighton, England.

2007. Painting Collective exhibition. Encant Art Gallery Mahón. Menorca, Spain.

2005. New looks/new worlds: The Quixotic and his world. Installation. Touring collective exhibition. RICA: Red Inter-universitaria de Creación Artística. Universidad de Granada, Universidad de Salamanca, Universidad de La Laguna y Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha. Spain.

2005. The most elegant of the greenhouse. Installation. Touring collective exhibition. Organized by Independent women collective. Partners: Caja Granada, Junta de Andalucía Universidad de Granada and Vicerrectorado de Extensión Universitaria y Cooperación al Desarrollo. Spain

2005. Transit. Installation. Solo exhibition @Carmen de la Victoria showroom. Organized by Granada University (Vicerrectorado de Extensión Universitaria y Cooperación al Desarrollo y el secretariado de artes Visuales, Escénicas y Música). Granada, Spain.

2003. When floor folds on itself. Installation. Solo exhibition @Alonso Cano Fine Art University showroom. Granada, Spain.

2002. Off The Road,12 of Fine Arts. Installation.Collective exhibition @Condes de Gabia Palace showroom. Granada, Spain.

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