¿Que es la crisalida?

Es una herrramienta que cada uno la usa como quiere. Yo creo un espacio para ti, usalo como quieras.



El que necesite cada uno. Es un momento creado únicamente para ti y para tu experimentación. Tu eliges hasta cuando la quieres llevar, cuando quieres salir.


No solo habla del ego del artist, sino que ayuda a los demas

A strong believer in the ability of the architecture and research combined with desing thinking for strengthening our societies and having a positive effect on the world. Only together we can build a better future, therefore my communication and team-working skills.

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Catálogo de crisalidas

Video by Rocio Mata

2023 // -present 


In 2020, I started to work with the idea of magnetism: physical phenomenon produced by the motion of electric charge, which results in attracting and repelling forces between objects.

In the beginning, and maybe due to this unique situation we are living in at the moment, I was initially more interested in the idea of repelling forces. After a practical research I have to announce:

– “Ladies and Gentleman, I have to say that every object in this beautiful Earth tends to pull closer. Even if we want to be apart, each molecule will do it best to be together. And this idea, in essence, brings me peace”.

I make an appeal to the forces inherent in the planet. Stay connected to earth. Nature has the answer. Let’s focus on that.